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100/01Beef Biltong Slicedkg
100/07Beef BPM Ribs Marinated - Berkshirekg
100/85Beef CHALMAR Fillet Portions 250gkg
100/57Beef CHALMAR Hanger Steakkg
100/72Beef CHALMAR Rib Eye Portions 350gkg
100/70Beef CHALMAR Rump Portions 300Gkg
100/69Beef CHALMAR Sirloin Portions 300gkg
100/89Beef CHALMAR Sirloin Whole Swiss Trimkg
100/82Beef CHALMAR T-Bone Portions 500Gkg
100/16Beef CHALMAR Tomahawk Steaks 700gkg
100/80Beef CHALMAR Wingrib Port 500Gkg
100/02Beef FB Biltong Dry Worskg
100/03Beef FB Biltong Strokkieskg
100/04Beef FB Boereworskg
100/06Beef FB Boneskg
100/47Beef FB Bones Meatykg
100/51Beef FB Brisket D/Bkg
100/36Beef FB Brisket Portionskg
100/05Beef FB Burger Pattieskg
100/98Beef FB Chuck Debonedkg
100/09Beef FB Chuck Portionskg
100/87Beef FB Cow Heels Slicedkg
100/10Beef FB Cubeskg
100/11Beef FB Fillet FRESHkg
100/12Beef FB Fillet Portionedkg
100/71Beef FB Kidneykg
100/29Beef FB Macon HALAALkg
100/48Beef FB Marrow Boneskg
100/78Beef FB Meatballskg
100/13Beef FB Mincekg
100/32Beef FB Mince LEAN/STEAKkg
100/67Beef FB Minute Steakskg
100/58Beef FB Osso Buccokg
100/49Beef FB Ox Liver Steakskg
100/33Beef FB Ox Tongue RAWkg
100/73Beef FB Ox Tripe Black / Uncleanedkg
100/66Beef FB Ox Tripe Cleanedkg
100/14Beef FB Oxtail Slicedkg
100/77Beef FB Pregoskg
100/37Beef FB Rib Eyekg
100/68Beef FB Rib Eye Portionedkg
100/18Beef FB Rump Portionedkg
100/19Beef FB Rump Whole Swiss Trimkg
100/35Beef FB Short Rib Slicedkg
100/34Beef FB Silversidekg
100/20Beef FB Sirloin Portionedkg
100/21Beef FB Sirloin Whole Swiss Trimkg
100/23Beef FB Steak Tenderisedkg
100/24Beef FB Stewing Meatkg
100/25Beef FB Stir-Fry / Strogonoffkg
100/26Beef FB T-Bone Steakskg
100/44Beef FB T-Bones Juniourkg
100/27Beef FB Topsidekg
100/46Beef GF Carpaccio Slicedkg


105/20Lamb FB Stewing Meatkg
105/01Lamb FB Boneskg
105/38Lamb FB Burgerskg
105/02Lamb FB Chops Braaikg
105/03Lamb FB Chops Loinkg
105/04Lamb FB Cubeskg
105/07Lamb FB Leg Deboned Rollkg
105/09Lamb FB Leg Wholekg
105/46Lamb FB Meatballskg
105/28Lamb FB Mincekg
105/32Lamb FB Neck Slicedkg
105/33Lamb FB Rack French Trimmedkg
105/05Lamb FB Shank Slicedkg
105/17Lamb FB Shanks Wholekg
105/21Lamb FB Stirfrykg
105/18Lamb FB Wholekg
105/29Lamb GF Roast Roll Shoulderkg


106/01Pork Bacon Backkg
106/28Pork Bacon Bitskg
106/37Pork Bacon Shoulder/Primekg
106/02Pork Bacon Streakykg
106/24Pork Boneskg
106/44Pork BRM Ribs Marinated B/IN Loinkg
106/06Pork Eisbein Pickled 700-1KGkg
106/03Pork FB Bellykg
106/04Pork FB Chopskg
106/05Pork FB Cubeskg
106/07Pork FB Filletkg
106/39Pork FB Kassler Steakskg
106/08Pork FB Leg DDD/ROASTkg
106/11Pork FB Leg Wholekg
106/15Pork FB Mincekg
106/35Pork FB Minute Steakskg
106/22Pork FB Neck Debonedkg
106/16Pork FB Rasheskg
106/29Pork FB Schnitzelskg
106/27Pork FB Smoked Gammon D/Bkg
106/19Pork FB Stir-frykg
106/45Pork FB Trotterskg
106/10Pork FP Kassler DEBONEDkg
106/48Pork NSP Ribs COCKTAIL Ribs MarinatedKg
106/17Pork NSP Ribs Marinated B/IN Loinkg


107/33Venison FB Loin/Fillet Kudukg
107/19Venison FB Ostrich Filletkg
107/26Venison FB Springbok Loinkg
107/16Venison GF Springbok Carpaccio Per Kgkg


101/14Veal GF Escallops/Schnitzel (10x10x80g)kg