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102/07Chicken Breast Smokedkg
102/38Chicken Crispy Cheesy Bites 6x1kgkg
102/49Chicken CRISPY DEBONED Wings 6x1kgKg
102/47Chicken Crispy Fillet Burger Crum 3x2kgkg
102/57Chicken Crispy Mix Portion Crumbed 4X1.5kg
102/48Chicken Crispy Strips Crumbed (6X1kg)kg
102/51Chicken Crispy Wings 3 Joint Plain 4X1.5kg
102/04Chicken Crispy Wings PLAIN Crumbed 6X1KGkg
102/50Chicken Crispy Wings SPICY Crumbed 6X1KGkg
102/36Chicken EB Crumbed Burgers 36x80gbox
102/11Chicken EB Schnitzelkg
102/01Chicken FB Babykg
102/03Chicken FB Boneskg
102/05Chicken FB Breast Fillet Frozenkg
102/26Chicken FB Breast Fillet NO INJECTIONkg
102/24Chicken FB Cubeskg
102/09Chicken FB Drumstick Frozenkg
102/27Chicken FB Drumsticks NO INJECTIONkg
102/06Chicken FB FeetKG
102/30Chicken FB Gibletskg
102/29Chicken FB Gizzardskg
102/10Chicken FB Leg 1/4 Frozenkg
102/12Chicken FB Leg 1/4 NO INJECTIONkg
102/13Chicken FB Liverkg
102/44Chicken FB Meatballskg
102/23Chicken FB Mincekg
102/25Chicken FB Mince Burgerskg
102/14Chicken FB Mixed Portionskg
102/08Chicken FB Neckskg
102/34Chicken FB Nuggets (3KG CASES)kg
102/33Chicken FB Pregoskg
102/41Chicken FB Skinkg
102/31Chicken FB Stirfrykg
102/17Chicken FB Supremekg
102/35Chicken FB Thighs Deboned Skin ONkg
102/18Chicken FB Thighs Frozenkg
102/16Chicken FB Thighs NO INJECTIONkg
102/20Chicken FB Whole Frozenkg
102/39Chicken FB Whole NO INJECTIONkg
102/21Chicken FB Wings Frozenkg
102/43Chicken FB Wings NO INJECTIONkg
102/53Chicken Leg 1/4 Calibrated 240-270gkg


103/06Duck Breastkg
103/04Duck Legskg
103/03Duck Wholekg


104/03Turkey Roast Roll Rawkg
104/04Turkey FB Wholekg