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112/21Sna CC Halaal Beef Trinchado Pies 50's
112/03Sna CC Halaal Bobotie Pies 50's
112/15Sna CC Halaal Butter Chicken Pie 50's
112/06Sna CC Halaal Chicken Pies Mini 50's
112/17Sna CC Halaal Cornish Pies Mini 50's
112/02Sna CC Halaal Duck & Cherry Pie 50's
112/25Sna CC Halaal Falafel 100s
112/08Sna CC Halaal Fish Balls Thai 100`s
112/13Sna CC Halaal Kofta Lamb 60's
112/14Sna CC Halaal Meatballs Keftedes 100`s
112/11Sna CC Halaal Morrocan Veg Pie 50's
112/70Sna CC Halaal Savoury Mince Pies 50'S
112/18Sna CC Halaal Spanakopita 96's
112/12Sna CC Halaal Stolen Lamb Pie 50's
112/20Sna CC Halaal Wellington Beef Rump 80's
112/45Sna FC Spring Rolls Beef 144's
112/42Sna FC Spring Rolls Chicken 144's
112/50Sna FC Spring Rolls Duck 144's
112/44Sna FC Spring Rolls Veg 144's
112/60Sna FM Halaal Mini Pizza 40's
112/28Sna FM Halaal Pastry Cases Small 60's
112/32Sna FM Halaal Quiche Leek & Mushroom 60s
112/33Sna FM Halaal Quiche Savoury 60's
112/34Sna FM Halaal Quiche Spinach 60's
112/35Sna FM Halaal Rissoles J & C 40's
112/16Sna FM Pastry Cases LARGE 24's
112/10Sna ND Cocktail Beef Samoosas 100's
112/31Sna ND Cocktail Beef Sausage Rolls 48's
112/43Sna ND Cocktail Cheese Samoosas 100's
112/22Sna ND Cocktail Chicken Jalapeno Samoosa
112/64Sna ND Cocktail Chicken Samoosas 100's
112/05Sna ND Cocktail Chicken Sausage Rolls 48
112/65Sna ND Cocktail Mutton Samoosa's 100's
112/19Sna ND Cocktail Vegetable Samoosas 100's
112/09Sna ND Puff Pastry 8x2kg


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