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115/01Vegetable McCain Baby Carrots 6x1kg
115/15Vegetable McCain Brocolli Cut 6x1kg
115/09Vegetable McCain Butternut Chunks 6x1kg
115/04Vegetable McCain Carrots Roundels 6x1kg
115/05Vegetable McCain Cauliflower 6x1kg
115/10Vegetable McCain Chips 07mm 4x2.5kg
115/11Vegetable McCain Chips 10mm 4x2.5kg-2344
115/08Vegetable McCain Chips 12mm 4x2.5kg-2345
115/07Vegetable McCain Chopped Spinach 12x1kg
115/06Vegetable McCain Corn Cut 6x1kg
115/02Vegetable McCain Cut Green Beans 6x1kg
115/16Vegetable McCain Hand Cut Chips 4x2.5
115/22Vegetable McCain Hashbrown Roun 8X1.2kg
115/19Vegetable McCain Mixed Veg 6x1kg
115/12Vegetable McCain Peas 6x1kg
115/20Vegetable McCain Pommes Croquet 4x2.5kg
115/18Vegetable McCain Potato Smiles 6x1.5kg
115/17Vegetable McCain Rosti Taler 6x1.5kg
115/23Vegetable McCain Rustic Cut Chips 4X2.5
115/21Vegetable McCain Skin On Wedges 4x2.5kg
115/13Vegetable McCains Creamed Spinach 6x1kg
115/03Vegetable McCains Sweet Potato S/Cut